Frequently asked questions

What kinds of brands do you carry?

We sell a variety of products and brands from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and greater Asia. Click on "Brand" on the right hand corner of the top option bar to view all our brands.

Are all the products you sell authentic?

Yes. All the products we sell are authentic. Most of our products are shipped directly from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do sell wholesale, for more information please e-mail us at info@facexint.com

What date were your products manufactured?

Our products are always fresh. Their manufactured dates are clearly marked on the box and most of the products are good for three years. For some products, their manufacture dates may be confusing due to foreign date format. You can always trust us to check the manufactured date before we ship it. We believe our customers deserve the best and the freshest products.

Does Face X have a online store?

Yes! We are hoping to expand our buisnese to online by 2019 to bring you the true O2O shopping experice.

Does Face X take special orders?

YES! To ensure the best customer experience, please call pur customer service at 425-588-6666

Do you give out samples?

Yes, we usually include some samples when you order from us. You can also select the samples when you check out. Please note we cannot guarantee specific samples.