Moisturizer​ that lasts day to night!

Minon Amino moist milk is a moisturizer that contains 9 different amino acids all working to replenish the moisture in your skin. If you plan to spend days outside, be sure to use this at night to keep skin smooth and hydrated! Come and see us in Bellevue, 14509 NE 20th St, Bellevue, WA 98007 and remember, we're open until 9PM! #PacificNorthwest #facex #skincare #bellevue #bellevuelife #cosmetics #makeup #wellness #health #healthyskin #bellevue #seattle #shoplocal #localbusin

Face Wash At Its Finest!

Face wash at its finest! These suds support the regeneration of skin while working to remove dullness while cleaning pores. How could you not love a product that contains herbal essences!? If you're looking for that clean and porcelain look of snow-white skin, this is for you! This will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth without drying! #PacificNorthwest #facex #skincare #bellevue #bellevuelife #cosmetics #makeup #wellness #health #healthyskin #bellevue #seattle #shoploc

Brighten and Rejuvenate Skin

Try Goldzan Ampoule 24K skin serum, the golden flakes are enriched with different peptides that work to brighten and rejuvenate skin while adding anti wrinkle properties. Not only is it amazing for your skin but it looks pretty too, so you might as well use it as an accent decor piece as well! #PacificNorthwest #facex #skincare #bellevue #bellevuelife #cosmetics #makeup #wellness #health #healthyskin #bellevue #seattle #shoplocal #localbusiness #women #beauty #koreanskincare

Anna Sui Rose Hair Oil

Silky Smooth locks await with Anna Sui Rose Hair oil! Tame flyaways, and repair dry and weak hair with the quick-absorbing, tea rose scented hair oil. Apply after showering to wet or dry hair! Come in and stock up at our Bellevue store and get ready to show off that gorgeous silky head of hair. #PacificNorthwest #facex #skincare #bellevue #bellevuelife #cosmetics #makeup #wellness #health #healthyskin #bellevue #seattle #shoplocal #localbusiness #women #beauty #koreanskincare

Stock​ up on Sun Essentials

Reminder! ☀️ Summer hasn't ended yet and there's still time to stock up on your favorite sunscreens! Whatever you need, we've got you covered and protected from those dangerous rays that cause premature aging. Soak in the last of Summer, but protect your skin! ✨ Find us in Bellevue, next to Seattle Lighting! #PacificNorthwest #facex #skincare #bellevue #bellevuelife #cosmetics #makeup #wellness #health #healthyskin #bellevue #seattle #shoplocal #localbusiness #women #beauty #

Moisture Rich Skin! Yes, Please!

This moisture-rich lotion nourishes skin and goes on smooth, not greasy! It almost feels like it’s not even on your skin. Adding moisture all day long with an extra light feel? Yes, please! It’s safe for sensitive skin so there is no irritation. Fragrance and alcohol-free too! Neet to stock up on the latest skincare essentials? Stop in to our location in Bellevue, next to Seattle Lighting! #PacificNorthwest #facex #skincare #bellevue #bellevuelife #cosmetics #makeup #wellness

Dry Damaged Hair​? No problem

Dry Damaged hair? No problem, Face X has got you covered! Shiseido Tsubaki Premium hair mask nourishes hair throughout the day. Lux BioFusion Damage defense restores damaged and dry hair from root to tip, adding elasticity and shine. Shiseido Fino Hair mask is formulated with royal jelly extract to moisturize and strengthen hair for a shiny look. After shampooing massage into hair and rinse out. Best use is 1-2 times/week. Come and see us in Bellevue and stock up on your hair

Paul & Joe Cleansing Cream

Our regulars know that one of our favorite in-store brands is Paul & Joe! This cleansing cream helps to remove makeup and impurities leaving your skin feeling soft and luxurious. Containing natural ingredients like olive oil, and organic rosemary and sage oil from the Mediterranean region, this cleansing cream delivers a spa-like experience every time you use it. Just rub onto your face, in a circular motion, once you feel that your skin is clean, wipe off with a cloth or tis

Shiny, Strong Locks Await

Dianne Extra moist treatment oil works wonders on dry, rough and unmanageable hair. It's a popular product for shoppers in our Bellevue store! Everyone loves how it contains essential oils to help heal brittle ends and give you soft, shiny hair from root to tip. With this blend of Moroccan Argan Oil, Baobab Oil, Capuacu Butter, and Mango Seed Oil your shiny, strong locks await. Shop with us at Face X in Bellevue! #PacificNorthwest #facex #skincare #bellevue #bellevuelife #cos

Hacci Brand Honey

We're excited to highlight 2 products we absolutely love today! @HacciBrand honey collagen and Honey Snow. 💫 Honey Collagen contains 5000 mg of top of the line fish collagen that is naturally absorbed by the body. This provides your body with a boost of beautifying ingredients. Take one bottle daily, or even add to orange juice or sparkling water! Honey Snow helps add lightness to your skin. If you're looking for that sense of translucence, then Honey Snow is for you! Snow W

A touch of Glow

Looking for more "glow"? Who isn't?! Has anyone tried Fancl Facial Washing Powder!? This innovative product that we have in store now turns powder into a rich dense foam cleanser when you add water. Just like magic, it works to remove dirt, grime and other impurities in your skin without causing drying or irritation. It also prepares your skin for maximum absorption of other treatments too, like your facial serum or moisturizer. That's a win-win! #PacificNorthwest #facex #ski

Look Effortless for hours on end!

Canmake Blush from Japan is the perfect way to add a touch of rosey to your cheeks! It’s light feel and smooth texture make you feel like your skin is still bare, it adds just the right amount of luster and glow to finish your makeup look. It offers a “poreless” look while having a lasting finish, it’s specially formulated to extract moisture from the skin so it stays looking effortless for hours on end. Come in a pick up the perfect shade today! #PacificNorthwest #facex #ski

Gift Idea!

Try one of our layered fragrance diffusers to add a lovely scent to any space! Our customers love that the scents are light and not overwhelming. Layered Fragrance brand is one of Tokyo’s most celebrated brands! We offer a variety of scents to be tailored to your liking. It's the perfect gift idea for that hard to shop for person in your life! We have a variety of scents so come in today and find the perfect one! #PacificNorthwest #facex #skincare #bellevue #bellevuelife #cos

Ready for a Hair refresh?

Feeling like going lighter or darker this Summer? Try our full line of Palty hair dyes! We offer a variety of colors, so there is something for everyone! . These kits contain 8 treatment components to keep your hair shiny and moist while the dye works. Inside the package, you will find the colorant (cream), developer, brush type nozzle, gloves, and an English instruction manual too! . 100% authentic ingredients in Japan? Yes, please! Come in and pick one up! We're glad to he

Soothe, Hydrate and Reinvigorate!

Hacci Honey Face Oil: 100% naturally pure oil to soothe, hydrate and reinvigorate skin. A luxurious blend of sunflower seed oil, rose extract, and honey. The light scent has a calming effect and works to reduce stress too. Gently massage once or twice a day onto your face and neck. Majolook eyeshadow palette: Add strong color and illuminate your lids with this quad eyeshadow palette. Apply with a brush or your fingers for an everlasting bright and bold makeup look. Only Miner

Shiseido Power Infusing Serum

Shiseido Power Infusing Serum Concentrate works great for all types of skin whether it’s oily, combination or sensitive. This serum firms and strengthens while adding moisture back into the skin. It’s lightweight and contains Japanese botanical extracts like gingko, thyme and lotus which combat against aging, free radicals and stress. This product is a perfect primer for flawless makeup application while doing your skin a favor too! #shoplocal #localbusiness #women #beauty #k

who Doesn't Love Avocado!

JM Solution Water Luminous Avocado Nourishing In Oil sheet Mask adds moisturize back into your skin. This is the perfect remedy after a long plane flight to reinvigorate your skin and keep you looking fresh! With a unique mixture of avocado oil and vitamin 3 your skin will stay hydrated long after using the mask! Don’t fret, if this one isn’t right for you we have many many more to choose from! Stop in today and see which one is right for you. #PacificNorthwest #facex #skinca

Reduce Wrinkles? Yes, Please!

Pola Wrinkle Shot Facial Serum works to reduce wrinkles using advanced medicinal properties. Use after your daily moisturizer. Learn more at our Bellevue store! Add much-needed moisture back into your hands with our Vecua Honey - Wonder Honey Honey Dew Hand Cream in Sweet Rose scent. This is the perfect size to fit easily into a purse or place it next to your kitchen sink for after you do the dishes! House of Rose Orange Body soap from Japan creates a fine lather that hydrate

Product FEature

"It's product feature time! Today we're spotlighting a few customer faves! JM solution facto Saccharomyces Golden Rice Mask contains minerals found in rice which can help create brighter, more radiant skin. - Our Damask rose oil and extract mix cream contains many vitamins and minerals and also rose essential oil know for its antiseptic and astringent properties to help reduce redness and inflammation. - Puni Puni Nikukyu hand cream comes from japan. It’s adorable packaging w

LUxurious Feel? Yes, Please!

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is the perfect product to give your skin the luxury it deserves! This formula was created to improve the appearance of the five dimensions of skin, leaving it radient and clear, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, improving evenness, firmess and texture. The best news... we have it in stock now at our Bellevue store! Come in and let the rejuvination begin! Visit us at: 14509 NE 20th St, Bellevue, WA 98007, next to Seattle Lighting. #SKII #Luxur